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Hello! My name is Ben Forsey & I am an experienced guitar teacher offering high-quality guitar lessons in Reading.

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Ben Forsey Guitar Teacher
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Ben Forsey
Experienced Player

Welcome to Guitar Lessons Reading! My name is Ben Forsey and I am a professional guitar tutor and musician based in Reading.

I have been playing the guitar since the age of 13 and have gained a high level of knowledge for my instrument.

I am also an experienced musician and have played shows all across the UK. I studied Music and Music Technology at A Level and in 2011, I graduated from the University Of South Wales with a degree in Music Technology

I have been a full-time guitar teacher to all ages for approaching a year now and I have gained a huge amount of experience in that time teaching to all ability levels.

I currently work for two after-school tuition companies known as The Rock Project and The Rock Academy Foundation. I have also been teaching in Primary schools through a company called Moo Melodies. So I have a lot of experience in teaching children and teenagers. Away from my tuition I play in a variety of bands and have 10 years experience in performing and recording as a guitarist.

“Ben is a fantastic local guitar teacher. He taught me to play the guitar during his exciting & engaging lessons - I haven't looked back since.”
– Student's Name

Whether my students are beginners or more advanced, I will help you set goals for your playing help you achieve them. You will learn songs that you love and be amazed by how much you improve.

I feel that learning to play the music YOU want to play is the key principle for learning the guitar as it will make you feel rewarded for your practising. On top of that, I have advanced knowledge of scales, chords, guitar technique and so on, that will help you gain a deeper understanding for your instrument and give you the tools make your own music.

To book a lesson with me or for any enquirers don't hesitate to get in touch by emailing me on info@guitarlessonsreading.com.

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